The Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life consists of several different equal sections that together give you a picture of your whole life. If your wheel is out of balance, as a car tyres may be, you may experience a somewhat bumpy ride or journey. The aim of using the Wheel of Life is to discover how balanced or not your wheel is and then explore to each section in detail to decide what to do.

The sections of the wheel are –

  • Career – here you have the opportunity to explore how you feel about your job, how happy or satisfied you are, what the highs and lows maybe
  • Money – a chance to look at how you see your money – is the glass half full or often half empty?
  • Health – how healthy are you physically? How is your emotional well-being?
  • Friends and Family – how would you rate the quality of your relationships with your friends and family?
  • Significant Other – how does your significant other contribute to your Wheel of Life? What do they play?
  • Personal Growth – what do you do to grow? What do you do for yourself?
  • Recreation – what do you do to relax and unwind or to keep fit and healthy?
  • Spirituality – how in touch are you with your inner self? How do you express this?
  • Creativity – how do you bring creativity into your life? What form does it take?
  • Environment – how do you think and feel about where you live – your home, your street, your community?

After rating each section of the wheel from 0 to 10 we would then talk about each section in more detail, enabling to reach a greater understanding of how each aspect affects other aspects and in turn your life as a whole. Your Wheel of Life is at the core of our developing relationship and set the tone for all future coaching sessions