Business Consulting

My business consulting is about reaching a better understanding of you in order to create, enhance and strengthen all of your relationships – personal or professional.

It is about finding balance and synchronicity.

It is about growth alongside change.

Engaging Communication Matters for your business would allow you to gain a strategic and/or holistic overview, providing you with insights that will allow planning futures with confidence or identifying specific areas that may need attention and develop a range of strategies to meet those challenges.

The focus is on the relationships within the business or organisation and how clearly the team as a whole is able interpret and share their values. I believe quality relationships are at the centre of all successful organisations, regardless of the product or service being provided.

Working with Communication Matters means I can provide you or your organisation with a variety of approaches – coaching would be one of these. One aspect may be leadership styles.  How these are experienced and understood by others is vital to the efficient and effective running of the business or organisation.

Initial meetings and discussion will determine the services and style of delivery you will want. Training programmes and interventions will be delivered in a bespoke package to meet your requirements.

Overview of services I have delivered to schools

  • Coaching to individuals and leadership groups
    • Personal and Life coaching
    • Performance coaching
    • Executive and business coaching
  • Mentoring services to individuals and groups
  • Supervision of support staff -1:1 and/or group– ie LIMs, LMs, HSLWs, PFSAs, Behaviour /pastoral staff
  • Consultancy service to
    • Whole school behaviour and attendance audits and reviews
    • Whole school target setting re behaviour and attendance
    • Monitoring and evaluation of behaviour and attendance targets
    • Behaviour and attendance strategies – whole school to individual
    • Inclusion and integrated working practices
    • Supporting schools, heads and leadership teams in raising standards and achievements
    • Class, group and individual observations – providing a comprehensive report with recommendations
    • Strategic and operational overviews – systems and structures
    • Action planning
    • Staff training – learning mentors, parent and family support advisors, business mentors in schools, whole school restorative practices